On Friday morning thousands lined up at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City to get a look at the latest and greatest offerings from car manufacturers around the world. ‘LLERO made its annual pilgrimage to the convention center to scope out some of the most eye-catching models that had everyone snapping selfies. We can definitely say that the concept car and bright colors are still en vogue, but super-cars and nostalgia are making a comeback. The NY Auto Show runs until April 3rd and to attend the show, you can purchase tickets at autoshowny.com.

Toyota FCV Plus

This Jetson like whip, is one of several of Toyota’s Hydrogen (H2) car offerings. This H2 concept car puts the driver in its own little blue carriage. It seats four, has four in-wheel motors, a fuel cell stack up front with a hydrogen tank behind the rear seats. Jane get me off this crazy thing….



IMG_0003 (1)

Toyota Mirai

The second of Toyota’s H2 offerings taps into a bit of nostalgia in the form of the Back to the Future films. Toyota enlisted MV Designz to turn the already futuristic Mirai to resemble in part the iconic DeLorean time machine from the movies.

It tricked out the doors to make them swing upward…


Added a Mr. Fusion food/energy/hydrogen processor in the trunk…


Some sweet mirrored rims…


There is even a California “Outatime” license plate.


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