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It’s no secret Bad Bunny owned 2022. He was the highest grossing artist for a calendar year in live events history, dominated streaming platforms and raked in award nominations for major categories – not just Latin ones!

The superstar has already kicked off 2023 making history after being announced as the first Latino artist to headline Coachella and killed it with his performance.

Hot on the heels of his Coachella victory adidas is wasting no time in riding the wave. Enter the global launch of Campus Wild Moss, the shoe worn by Benito on the Coachella stage.

The Why

To celebrate Bad Bunny’s incredible performance and the shoe that left its mark on the Coachella Festival, adidas x Bad Bunny are collaborating on the Campus Wild Moss. Their ninth drop of adidas x Bad Bunny capsule.

The What

Designed to give more color to the best season, the Campus Wild Moss represents all the essence and mystique of Benito. This latest show includes wild moss green in the silhouette. We all know Benito is a blooming expression, he is color. Colors at night vibrate at a different intensity. The night, like him, is an invitation to shine, show ourselves as we are and play to desire.

Signature shoes sparked by the creative vision of Bad Bunny. Contoured outsoles, Bold three stripes. A suede upper takes on a soft, fuzzy feel offset by tonal details and a double-tongue design. The vibe rides on a chunky rubber outsole that rounds out the signature silhouette

Its casual style for days. These adidas shoes uphold everything you love about class Campus footwear, but this time with the unmistakable look of a Bad Bunny collaboration.

The When

The shoe will be available in-store, online, on the CONFIRMED app, BadBunny.com, and in the adidas flagship store starting April 29th following Coachella and is priced at $160 USD.

Until then, peep the visuals here.

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