January 21, 2021

Colombians Are Gold Diggers and Plastic Surgery Obsessed

When we think of colombianas, most of us think of Ms. Universe. Beauty queens are prevalent in tierra firme, which is why many men believe Colombian women are superficial and focused on the crown, or in his wallet’s case, dollars. Between the pageant factories and true horror stories about breast augmentations (the novela,”Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso,” was inspired by them) and you get pretty nasty and unflaterring assumptions.

Carolina Bolivar, a 28-year-old Colombian from Astoria experienced this firsthand. She once met a man who “seemed very nice and respectful,” she recounted. “Then he just asked, ‘So why do all Colombian girls get boob jobs and are always looking for a guy to take care of them?’” Bolivar didn’t take this lightly and called him out on his naïveté and inappropriate comments. “I went to school. I work very hard to make a good living, and it’s my choice to do what I want with my body and/or to enhance it,” she concluded.

Never forget, no matter who you approach or date; your best bet is to keep the conversation light. As I advised in “Ohhh Nooo He Didn’t Just Say That???” never discuss money or body parts!

So gentlemen, let’s re-cap. We’re not here to moan and groan. We actually want to make your next encounter a wonderful one. But, please don’t approach a woman with generalizations about their culture. The Puerto Rican at the bar may be a quiet storm with no desire to have children. The Dominican waiting for the bus may have a chef of her own as well as a blue passport. The Mexican may be able to show you a thing or two (in and out of the bedroom). And that Colombian chica’s big boobs may just be real! Take the women you meet and romance as they are, regardless of what you’ve heard about their culture. Otherwise, well…. you know the saying. When you assume you’ll make an ass out of you and in this case, just you.

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