January 21, 2021

Dominicans Are Master Chefs

If you’re Dominican, you can cook a meal from scratch with one hand tied behind your back. Apparently, we are that good! However, some dominicanas are allergic to the kitchen. Nydia Mata, a 33-year-old from New York City, is not your next Top Chef. “About five years ago I was flown out to L.A. to do design work for a friend,” Mata said. “During a conversation with his then girlfriend, she said to me, ‘I asked Damien what kind of groceries I should get because he told me you’re Dominican so you’ll be cooking every night.’” How did Mata handle this obvious assumption? She laughed it off, understanding this is what people expect from Dominican women. “Funny thing is, I barely know how to boil an egg, much less create a huge meal,” she explained.

Now, what if you’re the kind of man who loves to eat? If you ask nicely, I’m sure your dominicana would love to satisfy your cravings even if she isn’t the next Rachel Ray. But please don’t ask what she’s cooking for dinner on the first or even third date. She may want to be wined and dined by you before she decides to impress you with her culinary skills.

Cubans Are Mouthy

When men think of cubanas they imagine a loud, brass, tall woman who drinks cafecitos every day in Little Havana. Well, fellow cubana, food columnist and chef, Bren Herrera, is quite the opposite. Not only does she reside in Atlanta but also enjoys peace and quiet like the rest of us. However, Bren admits that she can be feisty, which intimidates men. “They don’t want to hear ‘my mouth’ so they lay low or are ultra-nice,” she expressed.

Do you have to lay low or walk on eggshells with these women? Not necessarily. You can be assertive and opinionated while still respecting their dynamic personas. Just make sure to avoid the words “sassy” or “feisty” when you first meet. The cubanita you approach may be as gentle as a rose. Get to know her before assuming she’s on the defensive and ready for debate.

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