January 21, 2021

As for their tight lady parts, this comes from the assumption that all Mexicans have Asian ancestry (yet another stereotype about Asian women). Cynthia Martinez, a 29-year-old mexicana from California once dated a Caucasian anthropology major who believed just that. Martinez decided to tackle this vulgar assumption with another. “I told him I already stretched out my pepa™ with a [another] penis.”

Not all mexicanas will have such a clever comeback but rest assured they will not warm to assumptions well. However, if you do stick your foot in your mouth, own up, apologize and be honest about your mistake. After all, everyone makes assumptions, intentional or not.

Puerto Ricans Are Baby Making Machines

This is the universal myth. Apparently, men can’t go near them or poof! They magically become pregnant! Christina Lopez, a 33-year-old Puerto Rican/French Canadian from New York City, experienced this firsthand. “When I was 16, I was hanging out with some people,” she said. “A guy sitting next to me found out I was Puerto Rican and moved a few feet away from me lest he impregnate me. So, I guess the assumption there is that Puerto Rican women are fertile.”

Are they all baby making machines? Lopez has one child and there are some women who don’t have any children at all, like Ronda Hernandez. As a 30-year-old Puerto Rican from Brooklyn, she is often asked if she has any kids. “Nowadays, at my age, it’s a general question,” Hernandez explains. “But after they find out I’m Puerto Rican and Catholic they are really shocked that I don’t have any and even ask how I did not get caught up!”

So next time you salsa with a Boricua, keep the baby making talk to a minimum. Sure you may want to have a baby with her someday, but make sure you accept her with all she provides, child-bearing hips or not.

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