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‘LL: Being that this is a website dedicated to the modern Latino man, what do you like best about Latino men?
I guess what I like about Latino men is that I can relate being a Latina.

‘LL: What do you like least about Latino men?
[Laughs.] Oh, my God! Well, I feel like the majority are so possessive and insecure. Well, that’s from my experience. I wouldn’t say that they’re all like that, but some are possessive and insecure, jealous, and they’re very catty to me. That’s just from my experience, though, and that’s just a few. That’s what I’ve gotten. That’s what I’ve seen in some Latinos.

‘LL: Our site’s name, ‘LLERO, is a short form of saying “Caballero.” In your opinion what do you think makes a man a ‘LLERO?
I would say caring and respect. To be a gentleman you have to have the utmost respect, and just be caring, like look out for others. It doesn’t always have to be towards a woman—it can also be towards a man. Caring for everybody.

‘LL: What’s some advice you’d offer the men out there who are looking to land a lady like you?
Respect is number one. I’m very big on respect. I like being cared for. I like a man who works hard. I don’t really go for looks, to be honest. If you look at my resume of my exes, there are all different types of bodies, skin tones, and just looks. I just really go for what’s on the inside. I want a good personality, very outgoing, funny. Not awkward. I don’t like shy guys at all. I like a guy that’s very confident. And, some people will be a little too cocky or too full of themselves. I would say to just be a friend before anything. You always have to be friends before you get into a relationship. I feel like that’s the healthiest way. Also, don’t be too up on her. You need to be yourself, and be confident and respectful.

‘LL: What’s some advice that you would give someone who shares too much of their relationship online?
Speaking from my past experiences, I would honestly say just cherish the moments that you have together. Don’t be so quick to grab your phone and document it. That takes away the genuineness, and it just takes away the time of it. I’m just more like soaking up the moment. I would just say, keep your love life personal as much as you can. Being that my life is documented, I still show that we’re good, like we’ll be singing in the car, but I don’t share our personal moments. I like to cherish that myself.

‘LL: We see you have a pretty sick tattoo arm sleeve going on. Do you prefer your men tattooed?
Yes! I love tattoos!

‘LL: What is it about a man with tattoos that you love so much?
I just feel like it looks manlier to me. It depends, though, because I’ve seen some grown men looking great, and when you get up close and really look at their tattoos, it’s like a basketball or stars, you know, all that corny, meaningless sh-t. That’s a turnoff. You can tell that they just got it to get it. I like the meaningful ones. The ones that really look like art. That’s what really attracts me.

‘LL: What’s a perfect first date for you?
I’m not going to lie. I really don’t go on dates, surprisingly enough. The guys that I’ve been with, we were friends before anything, so it was never like we just met and we went on a date. It was always more like we’ve been cool. I’m not really too into fancy places or stuff like that. I don’t really care. I’ll just be like, “Yeah, let’s go to Applebee’s or something.” I’ve been to fancy places, and the food is never worth the price. I’d rather get a two for twenty because it tastes good. I honestly don’t know what the perfect date would be. I’m very simple. Food definitely has to be involved. Some good soda, because I don’t drink. I don’t know [laughs].

‘LL: What are you currently working on that our readers should look out for?
I’m working on my clothing line to put out better merch, and I’m also working on something that I can’t really talk about quite yet, but my supporters will definitely be excited.

‘LL: What advice do you have for someone who’s looking to make some of the same career moves that you’ve made?
There are no instructions to this sh-t. It just has to truly come to you, because I never asked for any of this at all. I was just living my life, and God blessed me with the audience of supporters that I have. I would just say be yourself, follow your dreams, and don’t reach for fame—reach for success. It’s about being successful. It’s about being happy. Don’t try to be like me. Follow your own path. Do whatever makes you happy. If it genuinely makes you happy, then do it. Work hard. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Just work, because that’s what it takes, to be honest.

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