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The 2022 World Cup is nearly here. While the various countries gear up for the play on the pitch, the players, and their national team’s chances in the global tourney. They also look to the threads each team will don on the world stage.

Enter adidas. They recently debuted the Home and Away federation kits they created for the national teams of Argentina, Mexico Spain, Japan and Germany. Now adidas takes a multilayered approach to virtually all its apparel.  There is the inspiration, the design, materials and tech, which all play a role in the product. So, let’s see what they have in store for some our favorite teams from Latino America.

The Inspiration

According to adidas, they “saw each jersey as a canvas for creativity, and an opportunity to capture and express the spirit of each nation with design features influenced by key cultural touchpoints ranging from the ancient civilizations and Mixtec art of Mexico on demonstration in the nation’s away jersey to the origami crow inspiring Japan’s home kit.” 

In a press release, Jürgen Rank, Senior Design Director Football at adidas said “When we design national team kits for tournaments as big as the FIFA World Cup, we always keep in mind that these designs will become a part of legendary footballing history. For us it’s crucial first and foremost to create kits that equip the world’s greatest footballing athletes with performance-led apparel that helps them unlock their highest level of play, while at the same time always featuring unique and unforgettably iconic designs that are bold, eye-catching and create a true sense of excitement amongst fans all across the globe.” 

The Materials

All the kits are made using 100% recycled polyester, continuing adidas’ ongoing commitment to help end plastic waste. The kits are also said to be breathable containing 50% Parley Ocean Plastic. A material that is intercepted on remote islands, beaches, coastal communities, and shorelines preventing it from polluting the oceans.

Each shirt features the latest in adidas tech – in that case, fabric innovations, including lightweight, heat-applied details. The kits are constructed using materials and textures to help keep players feeling cool with HEAT.RDY technology, optimized to keep players feeling comfortable.

The Latino America Kits


If you don’t already know, Argentina is country that takes its soccer seriously.  So, it only makes sense that Argentina’s away jersey is inspired by the pride of the nation and its quest for a more equitable world. Its vibrant purple hues, representing gender equality, combine with fiery graphics in reference to the national flag’s iconic Sun of May.


Paying homage to its ancient civilizations, adidas take on Mexico’s away incorporates Mixtec art an apparent homage to the fighting spirit of the nation. Amidst the eye-catching all-over design, a sign off on the inside collar displays Quetzalcoat’s serpent body – a representation of humankind’s physical abilities.  The jerseys are indeed cool, but note to adidas, ditch the taco references in the photos. Treads dangerously close to the DC Hispanic Heritage Month blunder.


Some will debate whether Espana is part of Latino America. But we never saw unity through division, so were including Spain in the mix. It’s home jersey makes statement as it’s dominated by the team’s famous deep red color, with color references to the flag across the collar and shirt bindings. The away jersey features an undulating graphic taking dynamic inspiration from the country’s 1982 logo, when Spain last hosted the world’s biggest football tournament.

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