We all know the Super Bowl means one thing – commercials. Okay there is that game they play in between them, but that’s when we get something to eat or use the bathroom. Seriously, while there is a bunch of Top Super Bowl Commercial Lists flooding the Internet, we thought we’d chime in with the most memorable!!

7. Coca Cola – Mean Joe Greene

This was probably a big Super Bowl commercial before the concept even came to be what it is today. We like it because it’s simple and straightforward. If you remember it, then it’s clearly stood the test of time.

6. Apple – 1984

Seems like Apple was employing the go-big or go-home mentality even back in the 80’s. Their “1984” commercial for the Macintosh was very Kubrickesque and over-the-top for a computer, but it did help put Apple on the map, so it worked.

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