February 28, 2024

Cuban Chrome

For the gearheads Cuban Chrome is quite the treat.  The docuseries explores a fascinating time warp that characterizes Cuban car culture. We all know that the U.S. imposed embargo in 1960 prohibited all American exports to the island nation except for food and medicine. As a result, thousands of vintage American vehicles can be found in Cuba, and they represent much more than just a means of transportation. The series chronicles how the A Lo Cubano Car Club — a club of passionate car enthusiasts, restorers, mechanics and apprentices — go to extremes to preserve the treasured cars for future generations, and maintain the ones they already own and depend upon. Available on Amazon Prime the show definitively takes viewers to places never seen before on U.S. television, from Havana’s ramshackle garages that house jaw-dropping hot-rods to street races.

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