Anxiety affects us all from time to time, but you may be unfortunate and have to live with anxiety on a day-to-day basis. It can be crippling and cause us to avoid social situations, and It may be detrimental to our relationships and our overall health in general if it is not managed. 

If you are concerned that your anxiety is getting the better of you, and causing problems in your life, you need to speak with your doctor about treatment options. Here are a few things that you should consider implementing in your life to combat your anxiety. 

CBD Oils

Cannabidiol (CBD) has had a massive growth in the last few years with a lot of research into the effects and benefits of CBD, leading a removal of restrictions in many countries and a rise in the sales of CBD oils and foods containing CBD through your local street store, cafe and weed dispensary. Widely used for the treatment of anxiety; CBD does not provide a euphoric or dopamine high as found in other active ingredients of the cannabis plant and so does not possess the addictive qualities. It is beneficial in reducing nausea and insomnia. A small amount can help reduce anxiety symptoms.


Mindfulness seems like a modern craze, but it has its roots in Buddhist meditation. Mindfulness means slowing down and paying attention to the moment. It can mean sitting and calmly breathing, focusing on each breath in and out. The concept is to centre ourselves on the present. Many of our worries that cause anxiety are surrounding things that have happened, or things that may occur in the future. Mindfulness seeks to remove those worries from our minds and stem the build-up of anxious feelings. Adding some mindfulness exercises into our daily routines can help us unknot the complex emotions that we feel and provide us with a bit of clarity to deal with our feelings with greater ease before they build up into more significant health issues.


Keeping a regular exercise routine is proven to help anxiety and exercising releases ‘feel-good’ chemicals; endorphins, into the brain. It can improve sleep and give you a natural lift in your energy levels. Some forms of exercise offer an opportunity to work through your emotions and deal with negative feelings such as frustration and anger in a productive way. Completing a run, or swimming several lengths can give you a sense of achievement, which is in turn, good for your mental wellbeing.

Keep a Journal

Writing down your thoughts is a useful way of managing anxiety. This allows you to process how you are feeling, working out the causes for certain emotions and potentially providing a rational understanding of your mind. Often we get ourselves tied into an emotional knot which we can only unpick by taking it apart. Keeping a journal or diary can be very helpful in this respect. However, you choose to tackle your anxiety, realise that you are not alone, and there is help out there. Make sure and speak to an understanding friend, family member or medical professional if you are struggling.

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