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Summer is the season everyone loves. And for outdoor lovers, it presents the best time to explore. Surfers are not left out; you can find them with colorful surfboards ready to ride the biggest waves. Wondering where to go surfing? Keep reading to find out the five best places to go surfing in the summer.

What makes a surf spot great will differ based on individual likes, experiences, and qualifications. We will discuss five of the best places to go surfing in summer.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has made it to the list of the finest destinations to learn to surf, thanks to its abundant wildlife, compelling history, and diverse culture that connects India and Southeast Asia. It’s a lovely country in the Indian Ocean, just south of India. 

Nearly 1600 kilometers of palm-fringed coastline surround you when surfing in Sri Lanka. You’ll learn to surf among pleasant people and magnificent surroundings with friendly people and impressive settings.

Why Sri Lanka Should be your First Surf Trip

In this place, there are infinite prospects for adventure. Take a vacation to the foggy mountain summits, see stunning rainforest waterfalls, and go on a safari searching for wild elephants while learning to surf. It is an incredibly inexpensive vacation spot for single travelers, couples, and groups.

Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful beaches with soft, golden sand and waves that are suitable for all levels of surfer. You’ll find long, slow, consistent waves that even a novice surfer can handle. This makes it an excellent location for learning.

You’ll have a better time learning how to catch the perfect wave with various user-friendly waves and fewer people in the lineup. There are also several excellent beaches and reef breaks to suit all experience levels.

Seasons for Surfing in Sri Lanka

The Southwest surfing season in Sri Lanka starts in April and lasts until November. However, there is still swelling in the water and spots where you can catch some excellent waves all year. It’s also ideal for those who prefer warm water, as the water is warm all year and never drops below 26°C.


One of the best places to go surfing in summer is the beautiful country of Portugal. lt has become Europe’s most popular surfing destination, with waves appropriate for all levels.

Why Should you Learn to Surf in Portugal?

Portugal is the most cost-effective country in Western Europe, with low-cost flights. It’s an excellent destination for a surf trip, whether you’re traveling alone or with a group of buddies. Ericeira is a popular worldwide surfing destination on the coast of Lisbon. 

Due to the consistent and powerful surf, this Portuguese fishing community has become a surfer’s paradise. Although many surfers worldwide visit Ericeira, the original Portuguese flavor has not been damaged. 

After a morning surf, Ericeira is about as Portuguese as possible. It is exciting to explore the streets and have a coffee and some wonderful local food.

The village boasts a great mix of hip cafes, surf shops, classic seafood restaurants, and a few bars. It gives you a laid-back daytime vibe with a vibrant nightlife atmosphere that starts after midnight.

Portugal’s beaches have long been known for their wave diversity and as one of the top surf locations in the world. No matter the weather, there is almost always an offshore wave nearby. 

Ericeira is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and an 8-kilometer stretch of unspoiled shoreline. Beach waves, point breaks, and reef breaks accommodate various surfing styles and skill levels. Surfers who visit here can’t get enough of it.

Seasons for Surfing in Portugal

Consistent and safe waves are the greatest approach to learning how to surf. In Portugal, you can find appropriate and secure areas for beginners to learn. The best time to visit is between May and August when the waves are the weakest. 

However, it is still appropriate for beginners two months before and after. The best time of the year for more experienced surfers is late winter to early spring, especially between September and April.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a backpacker’s paradise with beautiful landscape, fantastic surf, and nice vibes. If you mention Bali anyplace globally, you will almost certainly be informed about its spectacular waves and vibrant surf culture. Bali is an ideal destination for anyone interested in learning to surf.

Why Should you go to Bali for your Surf Lesson?

There are numerous reasons to learn one of the most popular sports in the world. Bali is a surfer’s paradise. You’ll find your perfect wave with surf areas all over the island, delivering waves suitable for all ability levels. Thousands of surfers across the globe go to ride these incredible waves and immerse themselves in the distinctive and laid-back surf culture

Combining surf instruction with day tours allows you to see Bali’s natural beauty and hidden gems. You join an exciting new world of adventure, excellent vibes, and rich culture when you step foot upon Balinese soil.

In Bali, the surfing season never truly ends. The waves are only flat a few times a year, although there are virtually always waves. The dry months, which run from May to September, are the best months for surfing. The waves are bigger, and the island is normally the most populated at this time. 

If you want to avoid crowds and long lines, travel during the wet season, from November to March. These are quieter months, but they are still fantastic months to visit, and you will not lose out on good waves. Throughout the year, the water remains warm.


Because Fuerteventura is closer to Africa than the Spanish peninsula, it offers a unique blend of European and African influences. You will have an outstanding surf trip in Fuerteventura with ethereal vistas, year-round sunny weather, and great waves.

Why you Should go to Fuerteventura for your Surf Trip

Learning to surf on Fuerteventura will be a peaceful experience on isolated beaches with many calm waves ideal for learning. The water remains warm with an average temperature of 22°C to 23°C. The beginner beach breakers are accessible all year, making it a good spot for beginner surfers.

Fuerteventura is frequently described as Europe’s answer to Hawaii. The locals refer to it as “La Isla Tranquila” because of the laid-back environment and hippie surf culture. You can feel the laid-back, summer feelings as soon as you walk in. Volcanoes, more than 300 days of sunshine a year, steady wind, and a consistent ocean are all features of the island.

Seasons for Surfing in Fuerteventura

The swell is not as strong during the summer months of June to August, making it ideal for newbies. The island is also an excellent spot to improve your surfing talents. There are several larger swells and reef breaks to choose from. The big wave season on the island runs from October to May. However, there are still beaches open to learners.

Costa Rica

Learn how to ride the waves and connect with Costa Rica’s Pura Vida culture. If you want to visit a tropical paradise where the jungle meets the sea, Costa Rica is the place to go.

Why you Should Choose Costa Rica as your Surfing Destination?

Costa Rica delivers on its Pura Vida lifestyle promise. Zip-line through the forest, meet curious monkeys, hike to gorgeous waterfalls, and surf on lovely beaches surrounded by tropical jungles. Dance the night away under the palm trees to round off your day. If you enjoy sustainable eco-adventures, here is the place for you.

Costa Rica’s authentic surf culture is one of our favorite aspects of this place. Surfing is an important aspect of Costa Rican culture, and many residents incorporate it into their daily lives. After school or work, you will most likely witness young people surfing in Costa Rica

Costa Rican surfing is fantastic, thanks to the huge waves on the Pacific and Caribbean beaches, which cater to all types of surfers.

Surfing Seasons in Costa Rica

This destination is popular for being one of the best places to go surfing in summer. All year round, surfers can enjoy waves, warm water, and a tropical climate. December and April are the best months with less rain. Beginners will have an interesting time all year round. However, summer is the best time to visit.

We have covered some of the best places to surf across the globe. It doesn’t mean there aren’t other places you can find primo waves. To prepare for the best surfing experience, we have top-quality surfboards for beginners and pros. We are wholesale manufacturers and accept bulk orders. Contact us for more information at Be Young Outdoors.

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