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Different places have different kinds of winters. Some suffer from blizzards of the highest degree, while others only have to make do with a light drizzle for a few days of the year. While a lot of people like to modify their vehicles for winter, it’s always better to let the experts take a look first. With that in mind, the tips below can give you food for thought now that Christmas is over and some of the coldest winter months start to set in. You might have already thought about some of the below but they can help ensure your winter is a safe one. Especially if you’re doing any long distance travelling with you and your family. Also, it depends on your vehicle, and what kind of laws are in force in your country. Good luck, and stay safe.

Buy A New Car

It’s a bit of a cop out as far as hints are concerned, but stay with it. Take a look at your car. When you know, you know. Sometimes using a car that’s really old is a danger all in itself. Plus, it can also turn into a complete cash drain. Winter can be a good time to think about buying a new car. A lot of people tend to buy in the summer so you can end up with a pretty good deal. You can check out the website here: https://www.autoverleden.nl/ to ensure the car is all above board. Just remember to do your research, find the right car for you and your family and make sure it’s got the right documents and history.

Ensure The Tires Are Right

Some countries ensure their drivers change tires from Summer into Winter. At the very least, you need to make sure there is enough tread on the tyre. You can do this by measuring it. There are fairly cheap tools for this online. If they’re worn or bald you can get a new one fitted, make it a priority. Try not to buy cheap or repurposed ones either or you’ll just have to go back in a few more months. Remember, depending on where you’re going, you’ll need a spare one in the boot or compartment. You might even need to put chains on them if you’re going somewhere particularly icy.

Check The Window Washer

You need to make sure you check the screen wash often. It’s vital you have some ready to go when the windscreen becomes smeared or when you’re unable to see through it. Remember, as the weather gets colder you need to put more of the actual solution into the tank and less water. This is to ensure the water doesn’t freeze in the cold months. If you’re using it neat, this is unlikely to be a problem but remember to read the advice on the back of the bottle. Keep some spare in the boot too for any emergency. Once you’ve topped it up, give it a little test to ensure the mechanism is working properly.

Long Trip? Be Prepared

If you’re going on a long trip you might want to take some provisions. Especially if you’re going over some rough terrain where you might be at risk of being trapped in a blizzard. First, make sure people know where you are going and for how long. Then ensure you take a fully charged phone and a phone charger with you. A few bottles of water, some food, and blankets just in case. It’s so easy to make sure you have these in the boot. Skipping these steps could be catastrophic. If you’re going somewhere you’re really unfamiliar with, it’s worth ensuring you know where the local petrol stations are. Running out in the middle of nowhere is never fun, it’s just better to be prepared than not.

Winter Service

A lot of garages offer a winter service around this time of year, usually for free. It’s all a gimmick to get you into the garage so they can sell you stuff. However, they will also pick up on any major problems that winter might aggravate. If you think you may have some issues, or are just in need of a winter health check, take it along and see what comes out of it. You should be getting annual services anyway, so this could be a way of ticking another box. They’ll ensure your fluids are all at the right levels with the right amount of antifreeze. This can include brake fluid, coolant, water, etc.

Try and incorporate some of these tips to get through your winter. Above, all be safe.

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