Men everywhere are flexing their hair power and letting it all grow out for the manly month of Movember. Well the verdict is in – the ladies love it! In your Latino household, its likely that family parties were filled with dads, uncles and abuelos rocking an impressively thick mustache or the classic full beard. Culturally we’re used to it, and now that swipe first dating generation is officially on the market in search for the guys who joined in the no-shave movement. Whether it’s the perfect excuse for a close up snuggle or signs of healthy living, there are a variety of reasons men’s facial hair have women everywhere swooning. Check out a few.

Hairy Is The New Healthy!

Studies show that men who have full facial hair appear healthier and stronger to women, and it even indicates better parenting skills. So whether the obsession comes from instinct or it’s something you never knew you loved to love, many kudos to the guys whose good genes allows for a bushy face. Don’t believe us, just ask the Darthraki lord below. Yeah, we thought so!!

Game of Thrones- FA 2

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