November 30, 2021
Khabib Nurmagomedov defended his lightweight title on Saturday defeating Justin Gaethje by submission in round two of the UFC 254 main event. Yet, Nurmagomedov ‘ performance quickly took a back seat to his next move – retirement.

That’s right, post fight Nurmagomedov announced his retirement. Citing the recent loss of his father as the primary reason. The fight? Well, it was not a long outing. Khabib opened up the fight with a lot of pressure. Gaethje landed some good leg kicks but he continued to back up against the fence as Khabib advanced with combinations off his jabs. At the end of round one Khabib secured a double leg and almost finished off Gaethje then and there.

In round two Gaethje landed a hard leg kick in the second round, but Khabib countered with a takedown and mounted Gaethje. And that was all she wrote. 

Check out the highlights here.


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