December 9, 2022



Prende La Hookah

While most men prefer a cigar, a vicio of a different stripe has entered social smoking circles in the last decade. ‘LLEROs, meet the hookah. What Is It While you may have seen it imitated in videos and...

The DonQ Portfolio

La Isla del Encanta - Puerto Rico, offers more than its legendary beauty and vibrant culture. For those that indulge in libations, the spirit most synonymous with Puerto Rico is rum. This distilled alcoholic be...

A Man’s Guide to Wine

Gents, while the days of ordering for your lady on a date might be a thing of the past, you shouldn’t be a total slouch when it comes to picking a good wine. With wine now being a “thing” - the tastings, tours,...

Bring Brazil Home with Cachaca

Brazil is an enchanting destination to say the least. Known for its’ beautiful brasilieras and blissful disarming scenery, it’s any man’s dream. Although the unblemished beaches and Cristo Redentor statue are c...

Guide to Daytime Drinking

The start of the summer is upon us and you know what that means: time to bust out the linen shirts and chancletas for daytime debauchery. However you don’t want to be that guy who is wasted before the BBQ or br...

How to Make A Cuban Missile Crisis

For years the Cuba Libre has reigned supreme as the world’s most popular rum cocktail and with good reason. The simplicity of the drink makes it easy for even the most novice mixologists to prepare. While the p...

5 Drinks to Avoid in Your 30’s

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must put down the sugary shots of youth and pick up the rocks and glass of manhood. The following tragos should not be imbibed by any respectable man after the age...

Hangover Helpers

So you went out with the boys last night and knocked back a few too many drinks. Now you’re paying the price to the porcelain gods and asking la Virgencita to forsake you. We’ve all been there - the hangover - ...

Up Your Drinking IQ

After a long week, you probably look forward to starting the weekend at Happy Hour—whether at home or in your favorite local watering hole. Before you start drinking, though, be careful with the high calorie co...
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