February 28, 2024
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Wrestlemania season is upon us. People from all over the world will be descending onto the world of wrestling. There will be indie shows, divas and the legends of professional wrestling. One of the many things to get excited about, is reliving the past and revisiting the times that made you a fan in the first place. The best place to do that is the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony. In the past, Latino wrestlers have been inducted to the Hall – Pedro Morales, Tito Santana, Carlos Colon and Eddie Guerrero are just a few of the luchadores, so the value of the Latino contributions and dollar have been recognized. It is a disappointment that not one of Mexico’s favorite wrestlers are being inducted this year. Here are five of the greatest luchadores who should be in the WWE Hall of Fame and we can only hope will be added sometime soon.

Rey Mysterio

From Mil Mascaras to Psychosis to current fave Kalisto, Mexico’s Lucha Libre style has been less ground oriented and far more high flying and perhaps no wrestler best embodies that more than Rey Mysterio. Starting at the tender age of 14 (trained by his uncle, the original Rey Mysterio), Rey learned the ropes traveling throughout Mexico before getting his big break in AAA in 1992 while the organization itself was establishing as an alternative to powerhouse CMLL. Rey was so electric and understood so well that it wasn’t that you could do acrobatic moves but WHEN to do them in the context of the story. ECW stole him, then WCW stole him and then he conquered WWE. He is still so valuable that his presence is absolutely vital to the continued existence of Lucha Underground. His HOF induction will be sooner rather than later.

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