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Although it’s been less than a month since his defeat at the hands of Dmitri Bivol, Canelo Alvarez announced his return to the ring this week. His next opponent will not be Bivol, but rather Gennady Golovkin. Canelo vs. GGG III is set for September 17th.

From the perspective of the common fan a rematch with Bivol seems like the natural choice. Avenge your loss in a rematch. Yet, insiders realize styles make fights, and the Bivol match up does not bode well for Canelo. A GGG match however does. First, GGG is several years older since they last met and has seemed to slow a bit. Second, Canelo is now naturally the bigger man. In boxing, the good big guy typically beats the good smaller guy. Lastly, GGG style suits Canelo more. GGG will be right in front of Canelo, which is the way Alvarez likes it.  Oh yes, it’s also the fight that the fans want to see.

To that effect, although the bout is more than three months away, the hype machine is well under way. Aside from the official announcement, there is the trailer. Check it out the trailer for Canelo vs. GGG III here.


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