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Super Bowl LIV is officially in the books. Yes, we all know the Chiefs made franchise history in nabbing their first title. But the best part of the game – the commercials, performances and other escandolos! Well allow us to dissect what was perhaps the most Latinx Super Bowl you’re ever going to find. 

Kobe Bryant Tribute

The tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the seven other victims of last Sunday’s tragedy still weighs on the minds of many. The NFL doesn’t always get it right. But they did this time. To not acknowledge and honor Bryant would have been a misstep; to do so unauthentically an even bigger one. It was straight forward, not over the top. An announcement and acknowledgement of all the victims with Laker purple and gold running across the digital scoreboards. Subtle, yet honest and appropriate.


Demi Lovato

About that Latinx representation we mentioned. Well it started with Demi Lovato. She killed her rendition of the National Anthem. Even more impressive? She called her appearance years ago in a Twitter post. Truly a dream come true. Check out her performance here.


The Commercials

It’s not a Super Bowl without the commercials. As in years past 2020 saw winners, losers and WTF commercials. So as not to run salt in the very expensive corporate expenditure wound (yeah you know some marketing departments got some esssplainin to do today). We’ll just briefly mention the losers – Mountain Dew’s rendition of The Shining – a bit to forced.  The A-Rod and J. Lo Hard Rock Hotel commercial – just too much. Tom Brady’s big Hulu announcement – stick to football Tom.  Planters – were they going for a baby Yoda thing???

Now the winners….

Bill Murray Groundhog Day

First given that Groundhog Day was on Super Bowl Sunday it was pretty meta. Second, it tapped into nostalgia. Third it was just plain old funny. Peep it here.

Jason Mamoa’s for Rocket Mortgage

Aquaman himself is known for being the diesel surfer dude. So, to see him turn the whole convention on its ear and breakdown everything folks love about him. Talk about courage. It took self deprecating humor to another level. It also makes him all the more appealing. Oh, and the cameo from real life wife Lisa Bonet, spotting him on his bench – priceless.


MC Hammer returned to the stage in the Cheetos spot using his famous song “U Can’t Touch This” in the background. It showed different people eating Cheetos and dealing with the consequences. It was a nice call back to the 90’s and pretty relatable as the man eating the snack used it as an excuse to get out of things/tasks many of us would like to. Heck, got us thinking maybe we should carry around a bag.

Chris Evans, Rob Krasinski & David Ortiz for Hyundai

The ad shows off the Sonata’s “Smaht Pahk” feature, leaning heavily on Boston’s iconic accent to make sure you don’t forget the new car features “Smaht Pahk.” Boston’s trademark accent takes center stage thanks to the charm of Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch, John Krasinski, and former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz


The Trailers


You knew Marvel would not let this opportunity pass without showcasing their latest. We got new trailers for Black Widow, but also a look at their Disney+ offerings. A trailer that gave a great look at Falcon & The Winter Soldier, WandaVision and Loki. Getting to see Elizabeth Olsen in a retro Scarlett Witch costume was a treat all in itself.

Top Gun: Maverick

You also knew Tom Cruise would not let this game go by without showcasing his latest – Top Gun: Maverick. While there is not a ton of new footage, the voice over gives more story details. Let’s just say it looks like Maverick is yet again on the verge of dismissal. Oh, and his best friend’s son, has some serious daddy and trust issues.


The Half-Time Show

Perhaps the most show stopping moment of the game – the Halftime show. The blogosphere is going bonkers over this show. It’s being debated, dissected, op-ed’d to death. Which means mission accomplished–people watched and it got them talking. But it did so in a good way. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez did what they do best: put on a show. From the political statements on immigration and Puerto Rico, to the nostalgic songs; from the pole dancing and tongue wag, to guest performances of Bad Bunny and J. Balvin, it was epic. Not to mention little miss Emme singing her heart out. It was perhaps the best Halftime show in years. Ohh and the Latinx representation, was in full effect. Mi Gente estaban presente! Don’t believe us. See for yourself.

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