September 28, 2021

4. She Switches Up Her Style

You might notice that your girl is starting to wear mini skirts with thigh-high boots whereas she would normally rock jeans and sneakers whenever hanging out with the “girls.” Next thing you know cherry red ChapStick becomes Cherry Lush lipstick; ponytails turn into French twists; and Reeboks become stilettos. Plain and simply put, instead of looking and being comfortable when going out on the weekends she’s looking sexy and withstanding the pain of a waist trainer or some Spanx. The more frequently this happens the more likely it’s because she’s Ben Affleck’s new nanny. Kiss her goodbye, hombre.


5. She Disappears for Hours at a Time

This is probably the biggest red flag of them all especially in today’s day and age. I mean this red flag is so big that a matador will borrow this on his way to a bullfight. Now, if this was the 80’s, 90’s or even early 00’s and you couldn’t get ahold of her even after beeping her throughout the day, back then it probably meant she was out and about running her daily errands without any loose change for a payphone. But it’s 2015. We have cell phones, texting, instant messaging, emails, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Words With Friends, Uber, Amazon Prime drones… you get the idea. In short: there’s no way you should lose touch with anyone still alive and free for more than an hour at a time!



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