September 28, 2021

2. She Begins to Question Your Fidelity

This is how it usually starts. She starts beefing that your regular Wednesday night out with the fellas is suddenly an “excuse” to go check out other chicks. Or if you don’t return her text immediately it becomes a massive blowout followed by two days of radio silence. Then, there are the hard accusations. You can chalk this one up to simple insecurity on her part, but let’s call a spade a spade, sometimes the cheater will be the one who’s actually doing the cheating. This is usually the result of a woman with a guilty conscious who fears karma and knows that what she’s been throwing out into the universe could come right back and bite her in the ass. Hence her acting paranoid and jealous. So keep that in mind the next time she berates you about having an affair with some chica named Siri.


3. You Begin to Lose Her Undivided Attention

Her once lengthy and detailed opinions become one sentence responses accompanied by shoulder shrugs to avoid lengthy conversations. Deep stares become quick glances. Finally you begin to feel like something as simple as spooning has become the proverbial fork in the road. Sure it could be that she has work and/or family issues on her mind so she’s not 100% there when you’re together. Even in those instances a woman who’s mentally exhausted will likely rely on her man, lean on him expect him to listen to her vent. But if she starts to become more and more distant then there’s a good chance it’s because she’s getting closer to someone else.

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