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The focus on mental health is more prevalent than ever before. Mental health campaigns, and positive action by organizations and media, has led to an increase in awareness of mental health. Nonetheless, there are still far too many people suffering in silence. Perhaps not aware that their symptoms fall under the mental health umbrella. Of course, anyone who suspects that they are suffering from mental health issues should seek appropriate help. Either from trained therapists or licensed medical professionals. There are some well-known signs and symptoms that can help you determine whether you may be experiencing common mental health issues.  That can help you on your journey to getting the appropriate help.

Your Work is Suffering

The inability to concentrate on even the most basic tasks at work could point to something more serious going on in your life. Rather than just going through a slump at work, and lacking motivation, extreme feelings of anxiety and stress at work may be symptoms of burnout and not being able to cope with the added pressures of work. Consider how you feel now, compared to when you first started. See if anything is going on in your life that might contribute to your poor performance at work. Often admitting to your boss that you are experiencing poor mental health may lead to individual accommodations being made for you. Such as being able to work at home.


Withdrawal from Friends and Family

You may have been a perfectly friendly person before, but find yourself increasingly withdrawing from friends and family and not knowing why. Of course, it is perfectly reasonable to want to spend time by yourself. The difference is that you retreat entirely from social events and activities that you would previously have found pleasure in. 


Substance Abuse

Do you find that you are increasingly turning to alcohol or drugs when you aren’t able to cope with the stresses of life? While it isn’t a good idea to socially use drugs, the difference between recreational and having a dependency is quite drastic. While some people find that they can socially drink, people who have mental illnesses often find themselves turning to alcohol or drugs as a way to numb their feelings. You can find more information about substance abuse here. If you feel like you may need help, then a drug detox center may be an option to help you on your journey of beating addiction. People suffering from depression or trauma-related disorders find that they turn to substances to alter their mood. However, using drugs and alcohol will make the journey to recovery much harder. 


Extreme Mood Swings

Feeling on top of the world may not be a good thing if it is then followed by days of extreme anxiety or depression. If you find yourself experiencing severe mood swings, then it may be your mental health that is to blame.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to prioritize your mental health. Recognizing and acting upon symptoms you experience will allow you to improve and work towards leading a healthier emotional life. 

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