February 28, 2024

You know you’ve wondered this at least once in your life: How the hell am I going to get this hot woman into bed? What’s the secret move or line that always works? Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no magic pill or secret that will always work. A woman’s vagina is like a unique little safe that takes a combination to crack. Although one compliment or kiss on the neck will not get us to rip off those panties do not lose faith because there are things that will. These women have shared what has worked for them.

“I love it when a guy gives me a slow back rub and runs his fingers through my hair. After that, its done, I’m yours.”
– Vanessa, 33, Las Vegas

“You literally breathe to make me laugh. A great sense of humor will drop my undies to the floor.”
– Leslie, 28, Brooklyn

“Give a woman a unique compliment. Something she doesn’t hear everyday. Notice how soft my skin is, or how my smile makes you smile. Don’t just tell me I look hot. Notice the little things and you might just win a free pass to my bed.”
– Natalie, 31, Phoenix

“Have a big penis.”
– Becca, 24, Chicago

“I had a guy who said he wanted me to get comfortable because he was going to be between my legs for a while. I did and so did he.”
– Theresa, 40, Portland

“If someone asks me, ‘what’s your type?’ My answer is, ‘A penis and a pulse.’”
– Laura, 33, Los Angeles

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Referred to as the “Naughty Dear Abby,” Lora Somoza is a sex educator, advice columnist and the host of the weekly podcast, "Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza." (www.LoraSomoza.com) She is a contributor to Cosmopolitan and Latina Magazine, among others. She has been has been noted sexpert on The Playboy Channel, KABC Los Angeles, KBPI Denver, and The Naughty Show. She has also been a frequent guest on The Dr. Drew Show on HLN.

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