Then: More snowbird and retirees than rough-riding ruffians, the beach was the place where northerners and retirees flocked. As the Cubans moved in, crime rose and the old-timers fled. The once quiet area turned into a place seedy enough that the Colombian gangsters in the movie hacked up Tony’s brother with a chainsaw in its now infamous “Chainsaw” scene that took place at the Sun Ray Apartments on Ocean Drive near 7th street.

scarface-chainsaw-sceneNow: Today the beach is a cultural epicenter where bad ass stars, bombshell models and international visitors head to see and be seen. As for Tony’s den, you’ll now find a Johnny Rockets between the Beacon and Colon hotels with more like killer burgers than killer thugs. With folks visiting the location and paying homage to Montana himself. Don’t believe us, peep the video below!

Puerta Sagua Restaurant/Art Deco District/Lincoln Road Mall

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