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Yesterday, Residente released a new song and video entitled “Antes Que El Mundo No Se Acabe”. Translated it means “Before the World Ends”. The new track set to appear on his forthcoming album, speaks to the current times. 

The song deviates from the artist’s prior party anthems or politically oriented themes that permeate his music. The tone is more like a ballad and lyrics such as  “¿Cuándo saldremo’ de nuevo? Eso nadie lo sabe Mejor, por ahora nos damo’ un beso. Ante’ que el mundo se acabe”. Of the departure, Residente told Billboard.com “If there’s a moment to put out different things, it’s now. Things you’ve never done. Concerts will eventually start but later. This is a chance for artists to reboot and think differently.”

Yet, perhaps even more impressive than the track is the video that accompanies it. Residente captured a total 113 every day couples from across the globe, including Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, China, Lebanon, Canada, Sweden, Norway and more.  They sent videos of perhaps one of the most universal gestures of intimacy – kissing one another.  Residente enlisted the help of some celebrity friends, like Canelo Alvarez, Leo Messi, Zoe Saldana, Bad Bunny, Ricky Martin and Ana De Armas, all kissing their respective partners.  All sent them from the places where they are social distancing amid the coronavirus. Peep the visuals here.

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