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Power returned last night for the second half of its final season. If you were expecting things to pick up where they left off, think again. We don’t get to see what has happened to James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick after his shooting. Instead co-executive producer Courtney Kemp has indicated that the final episodes will be different iterations of the day Ghost is shot from the point of view of those who may have done it.

Enter Andre Coleman, aka Dre.  A time jump is employed going back to the events that precede Ghost’s shooting. The focus is on Dre. It does a deeper dive into his back story than we have seen in the entire run of the series. As such the episode is aptly titled – Still DRE.

Man With A Plan

The episode opens with Dre, his girlfriend and daughter. His girlfriend wants to leave town while they still can, Dre however, wants to remain in New York and build his own drug empire. Just as visions of sugar plums are dancing in his head Dre gets word Ghost is on the political ticket for Lt. Governor. He heads over to Cooper Saxe apartment to find out what’s going on. Even Saxe is taken by surprise. Nevertheless, Dre proceeds with his plan to run the drug game in New York. We see him assembled with his crew, when in drop the Serbians. And they want vengeance for the murder of their boss Jason. A gun fight ensues. Dre’s crew is taken out, yet Dre manages to escape. However, not without taking some lead himself.

Rethinking That Plan

Dre makes it home. With his injury Dre rethinks his prior plan and agrees to flee town with his girlfriend and daughter. Travel money however, is necessary and in short supply. Dre’s new plan – get the funds necessary to leave town with his fam in tow.

First stop is his mother. Seems it’s been years since Dre has seen dear old mom. She’s none to please too see him, especially when he asks for money.

Next stop, he swings by Tasha’s. Dre threatens to tell the police about Tariq’s dealing unless he receives $50,000.  It’s a little more successful. He subsequently meets with Tariq who gives him about half of what he asked for. Tariq however has a request of his own.  For Dre to get him a gun. Dre agrees, but only if he brings him to Ghost. Tariq begrudgingly does, Dre uses the meeting to try and shake down Ghost for $250,000 large. Ghost agrees and sets a meeting for later in the day.

Dre’s next stop is Councilman Tate. Another shake down, this time two new ID’s and clean plates in exchange for intel on Ghost and company. We then cue to the scene of Episode 610, when Dre shows to the meet up location designated by Ghost. He is then apprehended by police for the murder of Jason. Ghost watches as the cops pick up Dre.

Caught Up

In prison we see Two Bit and Spanky who have been transferred to the Federal pen. We also get back to the scene of Episode 610 where Ghost sends Two Bit a burner phone. Ghost offers Two Bit and Spanky’s families will be provided for so long as they take out Dre. 

They agree, however, before they can make a move Dre is summoned by Detective Blanca Rodriguez. Dre agrees to sing like a bird for a deal. Ten years if he agrees to testify he saw Ghost kill Terry Silver. Dre also get to go free pending bail.  As Dre is being transported he slips the Feds. He makes a stop by his mother’s. She catches him trying to steal money – remember that travel cash he still needs. They have what is perhaps the meatiest scene for Dre in the entire series. It gives insight into how and why Dre became the man he is today. Let’s just say Dre’s got mommy issues.

Word Is Bond

Dre has one last stop before leaving dodge. He stops by Tate’s office to pick up his new ID’s and plates. When Tate makes Dre an offer he seemingly can’t refuse. Kill Ghost for $100,000. Dre gladly obliges and gives Tate his word. However, what is ironic here is Dre actually means it.

Dre proceeds to drop off the cash to his girlfriend. Rather than follow through his girlfriend convinces him to skip town. But Dre, oddly enough cannot and heads to Ghost’s club to do the deed. As he enters the club he hears a gunshot. Dre high tails it out, but not before decking Detective Rodriguez and spotting Tommy. As he is on his way out of town, Dre finds out Ghost was indeed shot.


Just as he thinks he’s free the police arrest him. Dre finds himself right where he started – in prison. Poetically his mother visits him and informs Dre she will care for his girlfriend and child. Dre pleads with his mother to get him out as his life is in danger. He is 100 on that one. As Two Bit and Spanky catch up with Dre setting him ablaze in solitary confinement.

With only four episodes to go, by process of elimination we are closer to finding out who shot Ghost. It clearly was not Dre.  Tommy? Tasha? Tariq? Tate? Tune in next week to find out.

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