‘LL: What’s your definition of a ‘LLERO?
NM: My definition of a ‘LLERO would just be a man who is confident with himself and his lifestyle. A man that can really call himself a man. A ‘LLERO has not just a job, but a career, goals and plans to make things happen.

‘LL: What’s your ideal first date?
NM: An ideal first date would be anything that takes me out of my comfort zone. It could be something as simple as taking me to a restaurant I’ve never been to, or even an activity that I’ve never done. I’m a competitive person so if a man took me to a flag-football game that I had to play in, I’m sure I would embrace it.

‘LL: What’s your ideal man like? Both physically and personality wise?
NM: My ideal man physically would be a Latino man that knows how to dress and carry himself. I also need someone as physically fit as myself. A gentleman that works out and is clean cut is something all women want to see. Still the most important quality in someone is that I absolutely need someone who can make me laugh.

‘LL: Favorite body part on a guy?
NM: My favorite part of a guy is his back and his hands. I like to see when a guy has a strong back and strong hands. When I hug a guy I like to feel safe and protected and those are two things that make me feel that.

‘LL: What do you feel sexiest wearing?
NM: I feel sexiest when I’m wearing clothes I’m comfortable in and when my natural curly hair is out. I [also] love to show off my legs, put me in some short shorts and a tank top and I’m happy.

‘LL: Favorite food?
NM: I love to eat, so any food has the potential to be my favorite. Still I have a soft spot for Caribbean food. During the winter I can never get enough Sancocho, but when I’m really hungry my “go-to” dish is simple white rice with a fried egg on top and fried yucca on the side. Real comfort food!

‘LL: Favorite sports team?
NM: Now of course being a born and raised Jersey girl my heart belongs with the New York Giants for football and the New York Yankees for baseball.

Come on guys, on top of all that she’s into football and baseball, you really couldn’t ask for more!

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