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‘LL: You’ve told us of your love of music. So we have to ask, who is your favorite artist or band and why?
NM: Alicia Keys and Sade are probably my two favorite artists. Both of these women are so soulful and so full of talent that they have changed the way I listen to music. With the content of their lyrics and their voices, I definitely would consider them my top two.

‘LL: As a bartender were sure you’ve come across your share of single guys out on the town. Any advice for single men out there?
NM: My advice to single men would be just to keep it simple. Show a woman your true self because all the extra stuff we do not care about. Women can sense when a man isn’t genuine and it becomes a huge turn off.

‘LL: What’s your favorite thing about Latino men?
NM: My favorite thing about Latino men is the way they love their family, but especially their mothers. I feel like most Latino men have a special connection with their mothers and that helps shape the way they treat the other women in their life.

‘LL: What is your least favorite thing about Latino men?
NM: My least favorite thing about Latino men is that sometimes they can find strong women to be intimidating or even a turnoff. Most Latino men are naturally romantic and sweep women off their feet, but in today’s world no one needs to be rescued. Independent women want men to realize we are self-sufficient and that we just want an equal, not a savior.

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