By Mike Greear

They say that not all heroes wear capes, and that is mostly true of Puerto Rican comic book writer and graphic designer, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez. However, in the case of La Borinqueña, the Brooklynite’s original superhero comic book character, colorful costumes and capes are the order of the day. Together, Miranda-Rodriguez and his creation have raised over $150,000 to help the people of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Superman, eat your heart out!

In early 2016, Miranda-Rodriguez, who had already founded the design studio, Somos Arte, was working on an issue of a “Guardians of the Galaxy” spinoff at Marvel Comics called “Guardians of Infinity.” It was during this time Miranda-Rodriguez created the character Abuela Estrella, a Puerto Rican grandmother who would go on to provide readers with a Taino-inspired origin for the fan-favorite, talking space-tree, Groot.

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