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The penultimate episode of Season 3 of Mayans MC is titled “The House of Death Floats By. Given the action, death, near death and destruction in this week’s episode the title couldn’t be more appropriate.

The episode opens with EZ getting those morning reps in. Only he’s doing in the clink. Clearly EZ got locked up from the fisticuffs that ensued at the end of last episode.  Yet, more troubling, the youngest of the Reyes clan clearly has some PTSD from his last visit to prison as he experiences flashbacks while going through his morning routine.

The Mourning After

EZ is released and Angel is there to pick him up. Angel apologizes for his behavior at brunch but shares how Adelita returned, and his son has passed. EZ is shocked AF, but it all makes sense to EZ now. In Angel’s mind, he wasn’t enough for Adelita to stay. He also shares how Stephanie is pregnant, but that he is okay with it. Angel views it as his second chance. EZ is happy for him but advises to wrap that rascal in the future. In perhaps the best line of the episode Angel retorts “I got that 100-proof baby juice brother.”


Over at the Galindo’s Emily surveys the damage after the night of rough stuff with Miguel. It’s bad enough that it requires some concealer. When Emily’s sister gets a look at it, she warns Emily, what Miguel does for a living – and that wedding ring can’t protect you from a killer.

Over at Coco’s he awakens from a night of heavy withdrawals to find that Hope bounced. Letty however is waiting for him. She apologizes for her Mean Girl words when they last spoke. She also made a list of rehab facilities, proposing that the MC cover the bill. Coco is against it, for him it would be signing his death warrant. When Coco inquires about Hope it all goes downhill. Coco thinks she’s dead if she goes back Meth Mountain, and fights Letty off in his quest to save her. He has essentially chosen Hope over his own daughter.

Can’t Outrun the Past

EZ pays a visit to the butcher shop and Felipe to check up on Gaby.  He cops to Felipe to screwing up and how he feels he simply isn’t going to make it in this world. He’s tried to hide it, but club business brings it out of him. He shares how Gaby feels like a lifeline for him. EZ continues his pursuit of Gaby and visits her home. Her father attempts to send him away but Gaby relents.  Although EZ says he did it to protect her, Gaby sees through it, she knows EZ’s got some demons. She also schools EZ on what real violence is like – what she escaped from her country from. Not a club patch – that’s a choice. She also shares she’s going to Lodi to attend nursing school.  She loves him, but she won’t be a part of his world.

We then cut to Miguel Galindo, who has summoned Alvarez to the scene of his mother’s death.  Miguel shares what he knows. How his mother was murdered, and motorcycle tracks were left at the scene. Nestor cops to sharing that intel. Galindo believes Emily enlisted EZ and conspired to kill his mother. Once again, Miguel doesn’t have it quite right. So, Miguel orders Marcus to kill EZ!!!


Dia De Los Muertos

Over at the MC, as EZ arrives for templo, he and Steve have a moment. Where Steve shares he can’t stop seeing the Mayan he shot up north. Clearly still rattled by Gaby’s refusal to reconcile, EZ tells Steve, if he’s going to be a part of the MC, he needs to lock it away.  It’s a pivotal moment, as it seems EZ has decided, he’s all in on the club and has given up on his lifeline in Gaby. Or has he?

Later in the evening after the emergency templo, Bishop announces Coco is officially out of the MC – and who’s in – Prospect Steve is now a member of the tribe.  But Steve doesn’t look as elated as he should. Throughout what should be a celebration Steve is still visibly shook. Demonstrated by his inability to shake his Prospect ways.


Then Angel makes an announcement to the club – we celebrate a brothers return, welcome a new member to the family and announces to the club that he and Stephanie are an item and expecting.  Tranq is visibly hurt by the news and leaves.

At the Galindio’s Miguel plots what seems to be a romantic evening for he and Emily. He draws her a rose petal filled bath. Pours her some wine, gives her a foot massage and pours her some more wine – which is laced with her meds.   As Emily falls into a slumber, she realizes she’s been drugged. And just then Miguel drowns her in the tub.  Immediately, after he is clearly distraught by his actions and rescues her from the tub. Emily is spared, but clearly the damage is done. Marcus, meanwhile, is struggling with newest assignment. He speaks with his wife Izzy and the struggles of what he must do. Much like Gaby told EZ, Izzy tells Alvarez – he has choice.

Meanwhile in Mexico, Adelita goes Michael Corleone on those who have wronged her. First up, Governor Sederica Palomo, she along with new recruit Mini, kill one of Palomo’s men and Palomo herself in the bathroom.  After the deed, Adelita turns Mini and tells her the last part must be done by her alone. Mini says “Goodbye Adelita”, in response Adelita tells Mini “Hello Adelita” in a passing of the baton.

We then return to Coco who has been captured by compound leaders in his attempt to rescue Hope. They tie him, gag him and strip him naked. They then proceed to shoot Coco up with heroine.  This dose however may do him in for good.

Back at the MC as the brothers celebrate and engage in banter Steve is still clearly troubled. He gazes around the table, then tells EZ “Sorry, I don’t think I can put it away” and proceeds to put a gun in his mouth and shoot himself.

The events push EZ to go to Gaby. He rides all the way up to Gaby’s house and tells her he wants to leave with her. Simply telling her “I choose you”.

And so, ends “The House of Death Floats By”.

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