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Mayans M.C. opens with Álvarez awoken by a phone call in the dead of night – it’s the kind of phone call no one wants to receive. Over at the MC word has come down that the Oakland chapter got hit.  Tranq shares that five are dead and four are in the ICU and Coco didn’t make it. And so, begins “When I Die, I Want Your Hands on My Eyes.”

Who Done It?

At the table the MC try to determine who put the hit on the club. Canche thinks it could be El Banquero for the hit on Randall and screwing up the pipeline. Tranq thinks it could be the Sons for the hit done months ago that was not sanctioned by Alvarez. Alvarez doesn’t buy it, he and Happy are good terms. EZ doesn’t care or trust anyone and even questions if the Yuma chapter had a hand in it. Given that none of their brothers were hurt.  EZ and Canche continue to get into it over the past conflict. As EZ and Canche battle at the table, Alvarez calls for peace – and castigates EZ for sewing further division rather than unity, stating that our next move can start an all-out war. To wit EZ replies “with all due respect we may already be at war.”

Family Matters

After the conclave at the table EZ returns to his trailer to find Sofia, awkwardness ensues, but EZ confesses he’s glad she’s there. Sofia – is still undecided.

Nails begins her day, with some breakfast, and a chat with “Christopher’ whom she has clearly named her unborn child. A beautiful scene ensues were we witness her painting a mural on the baby’s nursery. Yet, it turns tragic just as quickly. At the end among the pink and blue paints is a splotch of blood. As Nails enters the shower the bleeding from her groin region worsens.  Nails condition is deteriorating rapidly.  She tries to drive herself to hospital when Felipe comes upon her and takes her to the hospital. This is not good.

Back at the club, Tranq lets’ Alvarez know that it was indeed SOA that carried out the hit Alvarez want’s this intel kept close to the vest until he can figure out the next move. Tranq asks what kind of message does it send to the brothers if they don’t hit back?

Meanwhile Angel pays Letty and Hope a visit to check in on them in the wake of Coco’s death. He finds Letty sitting in silence and the house strewn about, presumably destroyed by Letty upon hearing the news. They share an awkward yet understandable silence.

Letty finally breaks down in Angel’s arms, full of anger and regret. Angel consoles Letty, yet it’s misunderstood for more. And things get physical. Needless to say, there is no post-coital cuddling or pillow talk. Angel simply leaves. So much for dropping by to comfort the family.  Letty may actually be worse off than before Angel came to visit.

At the hospital Felipe attempts to contact Angel to let him know about the current situation with Nails.  The doctors inform Nails that she experienced a hemorrhaging event which made the pregnancy no longer viable. Nails has lost the baby.


Back the MC EZ receives a call from Emily, she warns EZ that he needs to be careful. She was discovered as was the crime against her colleague in the Agro Park project. A frantic EZ tries to get in touch but fails. Just as that call ends, Manny comes back to the club. Informs EZ that Oakland confirmed it was the Son’s are responsible for the hit.  Manny and EZ huddle up and begin devising a plan to strike back at the Sons.

Over at the convent, the nuns provide a service and burial for Tomas. Miguel attends, he is still clearly shaken by Tomas’s death. He finally leaves the convent and is picked up by one of his men.

Letty, visits Hope.  The two have been at odds all season. Hope apologizes to Letty and offers to leave the next day. Letty asks her to “please don’t go” and simply crawls into bed with her. The two now clearly closer because of Coco’s death.

As is tradition with Mayans’ episodes it closes with the various characters dealing with their plight. Nails finds herself crying in bed after losing her child. Emily and Miguel in isolation and worlds apart Letty and Hope finding solace in one another and Felipe breaking down after the day’s tragic events.

Declaration of War

Back at the MC the club gather at the table. Alvarez says there will be no war. Stating the current state of the club is too divided and they would be weakened by a war. EZ, however, goes against Alvarez and proposes they go to UC Davis where a large portion of the Son’s leadership is and take the snake off at the head. EZ offers himself Angel and Gilly to do the deed. Tranq doesn’t believe Gilly is in the right state for such a mission, so Manny volunteers in his place.

El Padrino warns if this goes wrong It could be fatal. EZ wants if it goes right no one will ever dare come after the Mayans again.  EZ declares “Let’s go to war”.

And so, closes “When I Die, I Want Your Hands on My Eyes.”

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