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The final season of Mayans M.C. continues.  This week’s action opens with the Mayans doing a little extraction mission. Seems like there on the hunt for a special type of chemist…one along the lines of a Walter White. They find him and want him to cook fentanyl for the M.C. The goal is to replace the cartel and regain the pipeline. And so, begins “Do You Hear the Rain”.

A New Direction

Emily is in Stepford Wife mode after being recaptured by Miguel. But not for long. We see her in the market cleverly crafting an escape plan. Quite literally timing her steps to the service exit.  Meanwhile over at Padrino’s he is still clearly despondent over the falling out at the M.C. and becoming increasingly disconnected from his family.

Back at the M.C. EZ lays it out for the cook, whose real name they discover is Elio. Cook for the club and go home to your family a rich man.  Don’t cook and there will be no family to go home to.  So, Elio starts cooking with Prospect Bottles to get Elio whatever he needs and serve as his assistant. It ain’t Walter and Jessie, but it will have to do.

Over in the pen Creeper has survived his wounds and finally sees the light of day, but it’s a lonely place. The minute he steps out into the yard he realizes he’s quickly all alone on an island.  How long before someone else takes a shot at him. Can the M.C. save him in time?


Thelma & Louise

We cue to Letty and Hope. These two have really formed a bond after losing Coco and are clowning around and daydreaming when we see them. But things turn quickly as they have a job to do. Their newfound gig of ripping off dealers doesn’t really have a 9 to 5 schedule. But this latest heist does not go exactly as planned. These dealers got some heavy fire power. More than the knife Letty is packing. But they are saved when Hope recognizes an old commune user. It proves enough of a distraction for Letty to make a move, grab the cash and escape unharmed.  But having been recognized Hope realizes it’s just a matter of time fore they catch up with them. Hope wants to run; she knows what they are capable of. While Letty is standing her ground. The house Coco left them is all she has so she’s not going anywhere. Hope reluctantly agrees.

Cue to Felipe who finds letters and pictures written to him by Miguel’s mother, Dita. It inspires him to visit Miguel to give them to him and share that his mother wanted Felipe to know him. It doesn’t go well. Miguel essentially tells him “You ever drive out here again. I’ll bury you in these hills”.  Okay then!


Walter & Jessie, They Ain’t

We cue to Elio and Prospect Bottles. Before cooking Elio engages a ritual meditation. Then gets preps his lab and off to work.  When Bottles assists him, he spills some product.  A huge, a big, no no. Bottles learns that if he touches just one sliver, it could kill him.  Message received.


Federales M.C.

Over at Club Fed, there are enough internal beefs worthy of their own M.C. Agent Potter returns to the fold. But this time he’s under investigation. Seems like he’s got some accounting inconsistencies. Which is pretext for looking into some of the bigger crimes he has committed. But Potter isn’t fazed and gives shade back. Yet, the new agent gives as good as she gets.  Should be interesting to see where this story line ends up. Meanwhile, other Federal agents have internal beefs. Seems like Agent Kody’s superior is super pissed about her visit to Creeper. Pissed enough that she is fired, effective immediately.

Back at the M.C., Angel stops Bishop and asks for advice. How to separate the two worlds in order to keep his son safe.  In a moment of vulnerability Bishop admits hed give up everything and anything for one more moment with his son.  He’s only at the M.C. because he has nothing else in life. That hits Angel like nothing else could.

Emily and EZ reunite.  It’s a touching reunion. They both reminisce about the early days. How they truly had it all back then and didn’t even know it. And how they thought they had it all figured out and truly didn’t.  But this is a busines meeting. Emily needs a car. An untraceable and working one, placed at the service entrance of the market. In her words, “it’s the last time she will ever ask something of him”.  Seems like Emily’s escape plan is taking shape!

Alvarez and an old Mayans Oakland President Diaz are reminiscing about the OG days. Similar to what Bishop told Angel. He’s tells Alvarez that what he has, his family, his baby on the way. It’s better than the M.C. and any war. “Leave the dying to the rest of us”.



Bottles comes in and interrupts the club as they party. He’s brings a brick of fentanyl they made. It’s worth $100K.  Music to EZ’s ears.  “I say were in business”.  Now that they have the ability to make bricks. EZ and Angel head to Cole to cut a deal. Initially Cole has no interest in a new partner. The Mayans are small time in Cole’s eyes. But when EZ sells him on deal providing product that is free of border issues he now has Cole’s attention. But he’s going to need ten times what they brought tonight. If they can do that. They have a deal.

Angel knows they can’t. EZ isn’t sure how to do it, but in his head. Its’ a good problem. Meanwhile we see Trank call Creeper. Sharing they’ve found a way out for him. Creeper’s got bigger news…

The M.C. has a rat in its midst. 

And so, ends “Do You Hear the Rain.”

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