There is a ton to unpack on this week’s hour plus episode of Mayans MC entitled “Murcielago/Zotz”. The episode opens with a bat – literally. Yet, it isn’t the only creature of the night hanging out on the U.S.-Mexico border. The MC are enjoying the offerings of a local brothel. But the fun is short-lived, as cracks of rifles soon provide an unwelcome soundtrack to the night. Seems as if hunters, according to the locals, are preying on illegal immigrants crossing the border. A practice Bishop aptly describes as “redneck patriotism.” And so, begins episode four “Murcielago/Zotz.”

Mayans Get Another Case

The local mayor, Antonia Pena, believes it to be drug related, as the discovered corpse was carrying oxy, something the Mayans should have cornered the market on. The Mayans are on the case. This takes them to a compound draped with Confederate flags which is presided over by a yellow-toothed, foul-mouthed racist matriarch. Lucky for him EZ’s super-memory turns up more clues. A fistfight and a shootout with this group provides the action including the removal of a finger for phone-unlocking purposes.

Cartel Time

Meanwhile in cartel land Emily, desperate to get her son back, has been researching ISIS and Taliban tactics and likening them to those of Los Olvidados. In so doing, she convinces Miguel to use a local annual celebration to sway public opinion back in the cartel’s favor. As long as the rebels can repurpose displays of force and fear to their own ends, they’ll always have a foothold among the disenfranchised. Emily shows she is more than a damsel in distress and wins over Miguel and his counsel…or so it seems.

Club Fed

At club Fed, they have a plan too! Use EZ’s relationship with Emily to flip her loyalties while she’s vulnerable – even though when pressed by Gimenez, EZ isn’t playing ball. So they try another route via EZ’s dad. Seems they have dirt on him and threaten to expose him if he doesn’t convince EZ to flip Emily.

The Rebels

Can’t forget about the rebels. It’s a generally quiet episode for them, however, we do get to see Adelita nurse the sickly Cristóbal while her new recruit spies on her. This results in Galindo being made aware of a nun who is helping to care for his child. To say that knowledge doesn’t particularly benefit the sister would be an understatement. The episode ends with the nun taken down in the grisliest of ways at the celebration. The event was also meant to be a moment of reclamation for the cartel only Emily is hurt in the process. That Miguel, will he ever learn? The more he pushes, the more things unravel for him.

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