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Don’t love your job, perhaps you are not feeling fulfilled by your career. Maybe it’s time for a career change? After all, there are plenty of careers out there. And if you are fortunate enough to have  the time and resources on hand, you can really take your pick! With that in mind, here are a few of the steps to making a profitable and much needed career change. 

Take Your Time

The first thing to do, in terms of planning a career change, is to take your time. You’ve got a lot of research to do here. You also need to combat all those second thoughts and doubts about your own abilities. All this while  trying to secure a new job for yourself in the meantime. So pace yourself; you’ve got a lot on your plate. You should and need to be deliberate with such a move.  So to give yourself some time at the very least. 

Most of all, you need to think about what’s really happening here. After all, are you changing careers on a whim? Or are you sick and tired of the low pay and dead end opportunities currently available to you? That’s why you need some time here. To sort out your own headspace, and work out what you have to your advantage

Because when you have time on your hands, you’re not going to rush – you’re going to be taking opportunities into proper consideration. Not just jump into the first opening that you come across. You won’t be making rash decisions, and you’ll be in a much more level headspace that’s actually good for you. 

Know Where the Money Is

If you are sure about a career change, and you want to know where to go next, you need to find out where the money is. While a career change should not be exclusively about money, you will need to follow it to a certain extent. Why? Because it is likely where investment is being made. Investment typically means opportunity. You’ll also, want to see if any of these sectors suit you. Because even if a job pays well, and has good hours, you need to know you’re going to enjoy the work you do. If not, your chances of success diminish! 

If you want to land yourself in a lucrative career, you need to think about the services people look to the most. What kind of jobs are always going to be in need? Will a dash of prestige coming along with them too? For example, positions in healthcare, or in the legal sector, are always going to pay well. But they require a lot of work to get to the position you want to be in. Unless you’re ready for this kind of grind, you may want to look elsewhere – but even so, most of these jobs only require a Bachelor’s degree to get your foot in the door. 

Speaking of looking elsewhere, you could think about starting a business of your own. Sure, this also takes a lot of work, but it’s entirely on your terms, and in your hours. You also get to decide what happens here. You get to decide the business, call the shots on marketing, working with the people you want to work with, and attend whatever networking events feel right for you. And that’s more lucrative than a lot of other positions mentioned in this post! 

Focus on Working with Modern Tech

Modern tech is only going to get more and more innovative. Because of that, you’ll want to focus on moving into a sector that works with it closely. After all, it’s where a lot of the money is made, and it’s where you can learn some life long skills that’ll ensure you’ve got an adaptable resume for years to come. 

What if you’ve got no current skills within the tech industry? Then it’s time to do your research. Find out what would be most profitable and/or enjoyable for you to take on. And let’s face it, you’re not a total beginner here, so the jump won’t be too hard! You’re used to using a computer, smartphone, or tablet on a day to day basis. You already know the basics, so don’t worry too much about the kind of career jump you may be taking here. 

Be sure to look into entry positions right now, or even apprenticeships, as for most of these positions, training will be provided. You want to get as early a start as possible. If you’re feeling confident, this is a good place to start. You can also look through this list of the best tech degrees, if you’re open to going back to school, or taking up an online course in your spare time. This could open quite a few more doors for you within the tech industry. So if you like learning, take a walk down this career path! 

Rebrand Your Resume

And finally, it’s time to rebrand your resume. Because you may have gone through all the trouble of quitting your job, having a plan in the background. Networking amongst the best and brightest of the people in your dream sector, and you’re still not getting any calls from prospective employers. Why? Because your resume is set up all wrong. 

Think about what sector you’re trying to move into. What kind of things is an HR department going to scan for on a CV? Because that’s what you need to include, and only include. Especially if you’re trying to target a specific niche. Show off what you can do for them and them alone, and even be sure to use a different format to highlight your skills over your experience here. Include any educational classes you’ve attended related to the new sector, and make sure that new degree is in big and bold. 

Making a profitable career change is going to be a challenge. Make sure it’s worth it, and take your time making up your mind.

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