It’s an exciting time to be Latino in Hollywood. Slowly but surely the days of fighting over limited stereotypical roles seem to be getting further away. Not only have opportunities for actors grown but now there is a new generation of Latino directors, writers and producers taking on the work of telling our stories with an air of much needed authenticity. We scoured the film landscape and found some films that not only have a Latino star, but dig a little deeper and explore themes of the Latino experience. Here are ‘LLERO’s picks of must see Latino films in 2014.


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Being single has its challenges, especially for a Chilean woman in her 50s. Chilean director Sebastián Lelio creates a film that does just that. Gloria, the film’s main character, attempts to navigate mature singledom by filling her lonely nights at the social clubs where she meets Rodolfo. Her intense affair with him takes her on an emotional rollercoaster, which leaves her wondering if it is better to be alone than mal acompañada.
Why you should see it: It was risky for Lelio to direct a film whose success rises or falls on its main character, played by Chilean actress Paulina García. However, after winning Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival last year we’re confident she was able to pull it off.

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