September 28, 2022

Puffed Fold
A style tailored more for the casual dress and sports coat look. Kimberly Law notes that silk pocket squares are best suited for this fold because the fold requires less structure and the material helps produce a less structured look (as opposed to square and triangle folds).

How To Prepare a Puffed Fold
Step 1 – Lay your pocket square down flat.
Step 2 – Grab the center of the square and pull up.
Step 3 – The points should dangle at the bottom, put your thumb and forefinger up to the top of the square to meet your other hand.
Step 4 – Cinch the square down to its midpoint. The result should be the top portion puffed and bottom portion with squares dangling.
Step 5 – Fold dangling portion behind puffed portion.
Step 6 – Ready to insert into suit jacket pocket.

For a more detailed demonstration see the video below.

In Living Color
Aside from knowing the folds for your panuelos it’s important to color coordinate them properly with your suit and tie.

Safe & Basic
When in doubt the simple and accepted rule of thumb is that a white pocket square will go with any suit, shirt and tie. They go especially well with a white shirt.

Get the Double Take
Say you want to venture out with a bit more color. Generally, the pocket square should match the color or hue of the tie. So, a grey pocket square is ok with a grey tie, etc. According to, when you coordinate pocket squares with the same color tone as their tie or background color of the tie it will usually draw the attention from the face to across the chest.

For the Daring
Now if you really want to get complex and want to use pocket squares with patterns, be sure to compare the sizes of the patterns on your tie or suit with those on your pocket square. According to, for small busy patterns on ties or dress shirts or even suits its best to use a larger scale pattern to counter. Similarly, big scale patterns on suits, dress shirts, or ties, then you should employ small scale or even tightly packed patterns to counteract.

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