September 28, 2022

Multi Pointed Fold
Commonly known as a “four point” fold, but known to have many spin-offs such as the “two point” and “three point.” Associated with the dressier side of the men’s attire, it works well with double breasted suits and sports coats. Law also points out that the Multi-Point also works better with cotton or linen pocket squares as they provide more stability needed for a structured fold.

How To Prepare a Multi Pointed Fold
Step 1 – Lay your pocket square down flat, but in shape of a baseball diamond.
Step 2 – As with the triangle square. Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner, but the top corners should be slightly offset from each other. Your pocket square should now look like a triangle with two pointed tops.
Step 3 – Fold the left corner up to the top of the pocket square, next to the other two points. The result should be tree points.
Step 4 – Fold the right corner of the pocket square up to the top next to the three existing points. The result being four points.
Step 5 – Fold the remaining bottom portions over one another and then behind the four points.
Step 6 – Ready to insert into suit jacket pocket.

For a more detailed demonstration see the video below.

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