To get into shape is hard. It takes a lot of determination and drive. You’ve got to commit to a routine, one you keep to at least three times a week, and then comes the dieting side of things. If you’re someone who loves your food, and you don’t have a cheat day coming up for another week, you can really struggle to keep your appetite in check. And with the amount of delicious food in the world, no one could blame you.

But it’s during times like these, when you’re tired and hungry, and you’re starting to think ‘what’s the point?’, that you need to hang onto your reasons. The reason you started a fitness routine in the first place is a great thing to refer back to whenever you feel like quitting, but if you don’t have a solid reason, it’s hard to keep on motivating yourself. 

And thus, here’s a few suggestions that might get your mind thinking. If you’re looking to get into a better shape, but you’re not sure you’ll be committed to the idea, here’s some ways to back yourself up. 

Think About Your Wardrobe (and your clothing budget)

The clothes you wear aren’t always going to fit you, there’s no doubt about that. After all, as we grow and change, our clothes are going to stay exactly the same, and as they age, they’re going to have less structural integrity to them. And when you think about your wardrobe, what percentage of clothes still fit and feel comfortable, compared to the pieces that don’t?

Because you might just be able to use this ratio as a motivation for your fitness routine. If you want to fit into more of your things, or you want them to drape over you a little easier, or you’re looking to update your wardrobe on the cheap, toning up will make sure your weight isn’t fluctuating too widely for your bank account to keep up with. You don’t want to go on a big clothes shop now, only to need to do another shop a couple of months later. Why not wait for results, and save some money whilst you’re at it? 

Think About Your Favorite Team

If you’re heavily into sports, but you’ve never quite gotten into the actual game yourself, why not spend a bit of time focusing on your favorite teams? If you like to watch the game in the evening, or you’ve always admired the skill of baseball players. Then you’ve got a great way to motivate yourself to get in shape. Of course, the ‘lleros that play for the Lakers are going to be in their prime shape (and probably in a much better shape than you). S so try not to take this body inspiration too far. You don’t want to make yourself feel bad about your own body. You also don’t want to push yourself too hard too quickly either. 

At the moment, your main goal could be passing the initial test to join your local soccer team. If you know all about the way soccer players train before big matches, or what kind of diets they tend to stick to. You can start to craft a fitness routine you’re definitely going to enjoy. Just make sure you ask your doctor for a bit of advice as well. 

Think About Creating an Obstacle

Finally, for those of us who just can’t stick to a fitness routine based on emotional/mental reasons. Put something in your way. If you’ve got an obstacle that keeps you from living your daily life as normally as usual, unless you fit a workout in, you’re definitely going to feel motivated to keep up with your new routine. 

For example, maybe you make it a rule to not wash your laundry until you’ve finished working out on a Friday. Essentially meaning you need to get one in so you have something fresh for Saturday? There’s all kinds of creative ways to put an obstacle in your way. Even if it’s just putting your door and car keys on your home workout machine. This will help make sure you at least look at the machine you’re meant to be using on a daily basis. 

So, how do you inspire yourself to get into shape? One size does not fit all here, so make sure you’re finding a way to strengthen your commitment. Most of all, don’t be afraid to experiment with your methods, as trying is better than nothing!

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