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ave you ever looked at your wardrobe and found it hard to pick out an outfit? Or simply had to much of one item and not enough of another? Don’t worry, it’s something that can happen to basically anyone that’s bought quite a few clothes. If you’re sick and tired of overloading your brain with choices, or you’ve just realized that you only really wear the same few clothes anyway. Then here are some tips on how you can cut down the clutter in your wardrobe and get down to the essentials.

Why Do You Want to Cut Down Your Wardrobe?

Everyone’s got their own reasons for doing this. Some people do it because they just hate seeing so many clothes in their wardrobe. Others like clearing out clutter or clothes that they don’t wear anymore.

Having some kind of reason is a great start to help you make decisions later on. Do you want to keep some nicer pieces for special occasions. Or would you prefer a minimalistic approach? Do you want to hold on to extra shirts and hoodies for emergencies, or would you rather just get rid of them? It’ll help you answer these kinds of questions which ultimately makes it easier for you to downsize your wardrobe.

Have a Few of Each Item

A great way to start is just keeping a few of each item. Categorizing them based on how often you wear them. Basics like shirts, underwear, and socks are things you should keep a lot of just because of how often you wear them. However, you probably don’t need five pairs of running shoes or even ten different hoodies. Especially if you don’t wear them often.

Just keep a few of each item and hold on to your favorites! Anything that you’ve not worn for like a few months is probably fair game to get rid of.

Focus on Quality Instead of Quantity

We all have those garments that we love wearing. Could be a really nice hoodie you bought for a good price. Perhaps some premium shirts that are always in good shape no matter how much you wash them.

With this in mind, focus on quality! For example, a good pair of Alden shoes will last you a long time and they’ll always be in style. Likewise, a quality jacket can be a statement piece that will last you a while, and you probably won’t be wearing it too often unless it’s getting a bit chilly.

In the long run, you’ll probably save a bit of money as well since you’re not going through cheap garments.

Do You Want a Seasonal Rotation?

Some people like the idea of a seasonal rotation because it gives them a bunch of clothes to wear in a particular style. If you do this, sort your items by season and then make sure you’re packing them away properly.

Doing this can free up a lot of storage space in your home. For many gentlemen living the apartment lifestyle, the extra space can be an added plus. Nut do remember that you’ll have to spend a bit longer on storing and unpacking your clothes when the season rotates.

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