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The coronavirus has caused a global pandemic forcing the government to issue executive orders for us to stay home, practice social distancing and avoid all group activities. This also means no more classes at your local gym since all fitness clubs have been forced to shut down.  As a result, we’ve had to get creative and find ways to exercise at home such as virtual bike rides and Zoom yoga classes. Luckily, solo running is still an option. When looking for shoes to wear, Asics is one of the premier brands.   I’ve purchased several pairs of different Asics brands over time and I’ve been very happy with almost every pair.  Here are several Asics running shoes that I highly recommend to help you with your runs. When you’re ready to break your cabin fever and get some fresh air, these road runners will help you run comfortably, relaxed and help you beat the COVID19 blues.  


Asics GT-1000 9 Running Shoes

$93.00 – $190.00

The GT-1000 9 running shoe is comfortable and stable enough to carry you on a short run of three miles to a long run of 16 miles.  The shoe incorporates a GEL technology which is a soft material built into the middle of the shoe. It provides protection and shock absorption for your legs when your foot strikes the ground.

This is important for high impact exercises, such as running, to prevent injuries and allow for a comfortable run.  The material is pretty durable and allows you to run well on trails and concrete pavements.  Unfortunately, you can’t run out in the rain too long with these shoes. The material is soft and doesn’t offer great protection under wet conditions.  It’s good for long runs but only up to a certain point.  After about 16 miles, the shoe will not be enough support to carry you deep into deep mileage territory.  Overall, the shoe is lightweight, supportive, and comfortable. If you’re a casual runner, the GT-1000 9 is a great shoe for running and walking that should last you for at least a year or more.


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Asics GT-2000 5 

$39.00 – $156.00

This shoe is part of their 2000 series and is best known for their strong support and stability.  While this version is not much different from previous 2000 versions, Asics did improve the support to the mid-foot by including a Dynamic Duomax foam which helps runners who have a tendency to roll their foot inwards when running.  They also added additional material to the mid and upper part of the shoe to keep your foot more secure and in place when running.  While the added material and foam improves the support and stability factor, the drawback is it takes some time to break in.  It will probably take a few runs to finally get your foot completely comfortable in the shoe.  One of the unique improvements in this version is a premium sock liner added to the inside of the shoe that includes anti-bacterial properties so that you reduce the wet feeling and bad odor your feet get after running.  This shoe can last you up to a year. However, run in alot of wet conditions, the outer material will start to tear causing it to wear down in less than 12 months. 

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Asics Gel Cumulus 18 

$44.00 – $169.00

This shoe is a definite winner! It helped carry me through the New York City Marathon. So, if you’re into long distances, say 26.2 miles, these sneakers are a good investment.  The Gel Cumulus includes the GEL technology that many other Asics shoes carry but is located towards the rear and front part of the foot.  This sneaker provides more comfort when running on concrete surfaces. It also helps give you an extra push when your legs are feeling tired. It helps that they also fit like a glove; almost as if they were tailored just for your feet!  An added benefit is they’re quite durable in all types of weather conditions so you don’t have to worry as much when running in the rain or snow.  They’re even good for indoor runs on a treadmill.  The only flaw is the tightness of the upper part of the shoe near the toe box.  This area doesn’t allow for enough space and your toes might scrape against the material, causing the mesh to break and tear.  For the competitive runner, this is an ideal shoe that can last up to a year.  For the casual runner it will last, anywhere from two to three years.     

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Asics Gel Kayano 24  

$79.00 – $249.00

This classic sneaker has been part of the Asics product line for over 25 years and it just keeps improving with time thanks to the tweaks that keep being made. To begin with, it’s one of the most stable running shoes I’ve worn. It actually supports your entire foot. There’s extra cushioning in the heel of the foot with two layers of foam (Gel and Flyte Foam) to help absorb the impact when running. That makes it unique compared to some other shoes that only have one layer.  This allows you to handle long runs (10 miles+) with a bit more ease.  Extra padding was added around the heel to keep your foot stable as well as comfortable. They also added extra rubber to the bottom that helps to give you a better grip on all types of pavements. Thanks to the extra cushioning and rubber, the shoe can easily last up to 18 months for competitive runners, and 2 ½ years for casual runners. Besides the price being the only drawback, this shoe is an all-star in the Asics running shoes family.

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