This May, FOX is adding Latinos to their lineup with the new series, Gang Related. Focused on the L.A. underworld, the show includes two Latino leads in actors Ramon Rodriguez and Jay Hernandez but also boasts a truly multicultural cast thanks to the likes of RZA, Sung Kang and even some AARP members, Terry O’Quinn. More importantly, it’s given Rodriguez and Hernandez prominent starring roles, which they were more than happy to talk to ‘LLERO about.

Rodriguez and Hernandez play “brothers from the streets,” aka two best friends who grew up together and eventually become part of the same crime family. Now, Rodriguez’s character Ryan works for the LAPD and Hernandez’s Dante is la familia’s prime money launderer. But, as with every good TV drama, Gang Related has a twist. Ryan is actually an inside man, gaining valuable insight on the city’s top cops and reporting back to the cartel.

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As Rodriguez explained, his character is multi-layered. “Ryan is such a fascinating person,” he said. “I’ve always been drawn to troubled characters and he’s someone who comes from a very messed up background. He is ultimately trying to do the right thing, but his loyalty is torn.”

“I love this show because of its complexities,” added Hernandez of his non-typical gang member character. “Without giving too much away, Dante winds up taking a huge turn. I’m really excited about his arc. By the end of the season, you’ll see him in a very different place from where he starts off.” Indeed, both Dante and Ryan are neither “all good,” nor “all bad.” Each of them believes they’re doing the right thing, but they’ll go to some very dark places to prove it.

Both stars seemed very excited about their storylines and the team that’s bringing it all together. Gang Related features a wide array of notable Latino actors, including Sons of Anarchy’s Emilio Rivera and Reynaldo Gallegos from 24. It also has Latino writers, directors and producers working behind the scenes.

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