February 25, 2024

MayPac fight week is here. As we’ve said before the media has been flooded with various bits about the mega-bout. In our continuing effort to keep the focus on boxing we’ve been looking at the career highlights of each fighter. Specifically, those signature bouts that have elevated them to their super-star status. This time we turn the spotlight on Floyd Mayweather. Given his penchant for showmanship one can forget that the man is as technically proficient a fighter that has ever stepped into the ring. Don’t believe us. Check out Floyd Mayweather’s greatest fights.

Diego Corrales

This was Mayweather at the early stages of a brilliant career. He met Corrales at just 23 years old when he was still a super-featherweight. At the time both fighters were undefeated and neither had ever touched the canvas. Floyd dominated Corrales, knocking him down five times over the course of the fight. Mayweather essentially dominated every round before stopping Corrales via TKO in the 10th. It was the first indicator that we were looking at a pound-for-pound great.

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