We still cant’ believe that Mayweather v. Pacquiao will actually occur in less than three weeks. Since the announcement the Internet has been buzzing with a myriad of reports, highlights and bits from experts and laymen alike. Given our consistent history in covering the sport, we’d like to go beyond the fluff and do a deeper dive about arguably the biggest fight boxing has seen in over 20 years. Here are what we consider to be five unspoken truths about what is simply being called “MayPac”.

5. MayPac Is Happening Because Les Moonves Wants It To

Its pretty well known that since Mayweather signed that six fight multi-million dollar mega-deal with Showtime, the ratings and pay-per-view buys have not supported the cash outlay by the network to Money May. This fight (or fights – but more on that later) could more than make up for the recent financial losses. Add to this mix Al Haymon wanting to bring boxing back to network television. Why does this matter? Because Haymon essentially controls or lets say has an inordinate amount of influence over a myriad of high-profile fighters including Mayweather. Moonves essentially controls Showtime, since it is owned by CBS. Word has it that Moonves allegedly forced Haymon’s hand to make the fight. Failure to do so would mean Haymon could say good-bye to his network deal as far as CBS is concerned. Viola! All of a sudden we have a fight. Yes, this is based on hearsay, indirect reports, rumors, etc. However, if you look at the timing, the numbers and the power players, this is a very conceivable scenario.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao SUPERFIGHT

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