La Siguanaba vs. La Descarnada

Origins & Myths
The legend of La Siguanaba dates back to colonial times in Central America where it was said that the spirit of a broken hearted woman would haunt the night in search of unsuspecting promiscuous men and get them to give her a ride home. Once saddled and galloping along, the woman’s beautiful face would turn into something straight outta Mr. Ed. She would reveal her face to be that of an actual horse. Though nowadays if her lower extremities were comparable to that of a horse as well then some guys wouldn’t mind her face at all!

The MO of La Descarnada is all too similar with the exception of it being modernized. This vengeful spirit of a provocatively dressed hitchhiker haunts the lonely highways of Central America luring men with her breathtaking beauty. Once in the passenger seat of some horny creeps car she begins to peel off pieces of her face to reveal her true undead self.

Threat To…
La Siguanaba: Two-timing boyfriends, players, and any man who’s unfaithful to his wife.
La Descarnada: Any man who’s looking to hook up with a beautiful woman. So literally every man alive. Maybe this was the inspiration for the Kardashian clan?

La Descarnada hands down. While La Siguanaba looks to teach unfaithful men the perils of cheating on their significant other, she’s only showing the face of a horse. Everyone knows that fleshy skeleton face is way worse.

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