La Llorona vs. La Carreta Chillona

Origins & Myths
La Llorona’s roots are in Mexico where it’s said that to spite her cheating husband a woman drowned her children in a river and now carries that sin with her as her ghost wanders about weeping for them. Should she run into a child who resembles her own she takes them to the river where they meet the same fate.

La Carreta Chillona is a Salvadorian ghost story of a priest who moonlighted as a murderer and whose spirit roams about with a chariot made of chains and bones that squeaks and shrills as it makes it’s way through the night. It’s said that anyone who hears his chariot coming is to hide and ignore him for if they lay eyes on this abomination they’re bound to wake up dead.

Threat To…
La Llorona: Children who resemble her offspring. In other words only Latino kids are at risk and it’s because of this some say she supports Donald Trump. Others say she manifested herself during his campaign stop in Nevada this very October. But that’s a myth for another day.
La Carreta Chillona: Everyone living in the greater El Salvador area as that is where it resides.

While La Carreta doesn’t discriminate as far as gender or race, it doesn’t extend beyond the Salvadorian parameters. La Llorona on the other hand is said to travel all over the Central American scene hence making her a greater overall threat across the board… including Nevada.

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