February 28, 2024

4. Block Specific Phone Numbers
It doesn’t matter if it’s an ex that you’re still friends with, the girl next door you’re flirting with or the person you’re the emergency contact for, you’re making sure those contacts cannot reach you through calls, texts, skype, IM, apps, GPS or even smoke signals for that matter. So you have only one option if you don’t want to turn off your phone: block those numbers for the night and blame it on some app the next day. Our suggestion, don’t even look at your phone during the date. Focus your attention on her, trust us this one is fast becoming part of the lost art of chivalry but if adhered to will gain you tons of credit.

5. Pump Iron
Nothing gets a man’s self-esteem pumped like bench pressing the weight of an adolescent child (or a newborn baby in some scrawny cases) and busting out more crunches than Nestle before you pick up the woman you’re trying to woo. Even if you’re logging around a keg instead of a six-pack, burning a few calories before stepping out will have you feeling like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson even though you might be looking like George the Animal Steele.

6. Status Update
Unfortunately, citizens of the world cannot make a move without informing the rest of the world of their movements. “Date Night!” or “Out with my boo!” runs rampant through social media on weekends. Our recommendation is: don’t do it. If you or she has a crazy ex, stalker or secret admirer, there’s always the possibility of your date night becoming memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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