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Under normal circumstances, the sports world would be in the infancy of the baseball season, gearing up for the NBA Playoffs and on the cusp of the NCAA Basketball Championship Game. The latter of which was to be played this weekend. Alas, given the current state of the world, it will not come to pass in 2020.  In light of this, we thought it a good time to remember the past, perhaps it can help us deal with the present. Here are our picks for all time great NCAA Basketball Championship games.

1985 Villanova Shocks Georgetown  

It is characterized as one of the biggest upsets of the NCAA tournament. HBO even produced a documentary about it entitled “The Perfect Upset”. Before he would go on to become an NBA All-Star in 1985 Patrick Ewing was still in his college prime. Back then he suited up for the Georgetown Hoyas.  The Hoyas were favored to take it all in 85’. They were perhaps the most dominant and intimidating team in the NCAA that year. The Hoyas seemed unbeatable, until the faced Villanova. You see, Villanova had faced Georgetown twice before that season, so perhaps it was the chance to download Georgetown, many say it was that no-shot clock existed in college basketball in 1985. Whatever the reason, that year Villanova pulled off one of the greatest upsets in NCAA basketball.


1982 North Carolina Goes Down to the Wire Against Georgetown

Played at the Superdome in Louisiana, this was the beginning of many battles between future NBA legends Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing.  In 1982 future NBA greats James Worthy and Michael Jordan suited up for North Carolina against Eric “Sleepy“ Floyd and Patrick Ewing for the Hoyas in the Georgetown vs. North Carolina NCAA Championship game. With no less than five goal tending calls against Ewing combined with Worthy’s 28 sharp shooting points for North Carolina and Jordan’s game winning shot – the Tar Heels emerged victorious. 


1993 Michigan Takes A Time Out Against North Carolina  

This game never fails to make the highlight reel of any sports broadcast that canvasses NCAA history. NCAA’s first rock star group known as “The Fab Five”.  Made up of Chris Weber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson.  They dominated their season for Michigan and made it to the NCAA Finals. But to show you how one play can effect and entire game, Michigan would be defeated by North Carolina when Weber failed to realize the team had no time outs left, as the final seconds of the game were running down Weber famously attempted to call a time-out, only to be made aware after the fact that the Wolverines had no time outs left. The result, North Carolina won the game.


2008 Kansas Tops Memphis In Overtime

Future Chicago Bull and NBA MVP Derrick Rose hit the national stage in this finals game. Cutting through the lanes he made shot after shot. However, he was not as impressive from the charity stripe. Missing a number of free throws at critical times. These misses would allow Kansas to send the game in overtime – a first in over 11 years at the time. In said overtime the Jayhawks would storm to a 75-68 victory and take the championship.


1983 NC State Upsets Houston

This game goes to show you that those on the side lines, executing strategy are just as important as the players executing the game. In 1983 Coach Jim Valvano led NC State over Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler and Houston.  The last play of the game in which NC State expertly maneuvered the ball to set up a last second shot still remains one of the most highlight worth moments in NCAA basketball!




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