‘LL: And now on to the juicy stuff. We hear you’re into football and even in a fantasy league?! What led to your love for the game?
Christina: I love it! Penn State Lions all the way! I love football. I’m always the only girl on the fantasy football league and recently I got in third place. All the guys were hating on me. It’s a light way to compete with friends and talk some smack. I like the roughness and the contact and when I see a hit, a guy slammed to ground, it turns me on.

“I like the roughness and the contact and when I see a hit, a guy slammed to ground, it turns me on.”

‘LL: How do guys react when they hear you love football?
Christina: Guys love it. They love a woman who is attractive, intelligent and knows football. When I’m at a bar they love the banter and comradery of our exchange. They call me a unicorn.

‘LL: Any favorite hobbies and personal interests?

Christina: I love being active, playing softball or outdoor hiking. I love to read and I paint every once in a while too. I grew up dancing salsa and I joined a local salsa group as my way of networking. I love cooking too and I’ve been told I could sell my empanadas and homemade sofrito.

‘LL: What would the ‘LLERO be surprised to know about you?

Christina: People are always surprised when they find out I don’t have kids and I’m not married. I am happy with my progress in life so far. I know the right man will come up on my journey.

‘LL: What do you look for in a man?

Christina: I like someone who is outgoing and likeminded. The sexiest thing is a man who is ambitious with high morals. Someone who can be professional but also understands the importance of a personal relationship.

‘LL: Biggest turn on?

Christina: A man with ambition who has his life together is sexy and someone with a sense of humor.

‘LL: Biggest turn off?
Christina: I hate arrogance, someone who complains and men who don’t respect a woman’s independence.

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