But on Cinco de Mayo it will be time to show and prove. Mosley – nearly 20 years Álvarez’s senior – has beaten every Mexican fighter he’s touched gloves with from Oscar De la Hoya to Antonio Margarito. Canelo is anxious to change the record. “On Cinco de Mayo, that streak will be over,” Canelo said to ESPN.com. “I expect to be the first Mexican to defeat Mosley. I will have to give my best on the Batalla de Puebla day.” The fight will also pit Canelo against a boxer he grew up admiring. “To me it’s like a dream to fight him,”Álvarez said during the HBO documentary Portrait of A Fighter. “I dreamed of becoming a fighter like him.”

Age has never been an issue for Canelo; in fact, he sees it as an advantage. “People might like to use my age against me, saying I’m too inexperienced to fight this kind of match,”Álvarez said to Craveonline.com. “The truth is that I have been a fighter my entire life and if anything, my age is an asset. I look at other fighters my age and see pure aggression, but not tactical strategy. Look at any fight I’ve had with boxers and you’ll see just that.” To his credit, Álvarez has never lost a fight. In fact he’s knocked out 29 of his 39 opponents and is eager to follow in the footsteps of other legendary Mexican boxers. “I want to be one of the best fighters in history,” Álvarez lvarez uttered to HBO.

Should he win on May 5th, it will certainly be a step in the right direction.

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