August 19, 2022

1. Mayweather Mantra – Hard Work and Dedication

All the positioning and branding aside, if your product isn’t good, no one will want it. Many can come up with good ideas for a product, but not many will put in the hard work and dedication to execute properly. Which is one of the biggest challenges. Both admirers and detractors will tell you that Mayweather puts in the hard work and dedication to his craft. It’s essentially his mission statement. Although Mayweather portrays a party lifestyle. In reality, he is extremely disciplined. He trains incessantly, doesn’t drink, has a personal chef to keep his nutrition on point and doesn’t put on weight between fights – as many a fighter tends to do. Moreover, he is a student of boxing, when not in training he is always working/learning a new move to put another tool in the tool belt so to speak. It’s this approach, which has kept him on his game for nearly 20 years.

Floyd Mayweather Work Out for the Press



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