‘LL: What prompted the idea for the film?
Bobbito: Omar Acosta [the producer] is really the starting point. After reaching out to Stretch, the goal was to try and finish the film in time for our 25th anniversary. We started the show October 25, 1990 so we wanted to release the film in October 2015.

‘LL: Did you run into any obstacles in creating this movie?
Stretch: We certainly had a lot of issues and problems to solve particularly with the fact that we didn’t have archive video footage of many of the interviews and performances that we wanted to illustrate but José Parla just went loose and went totally abstract.

stretch AND bob YOUNG
‘LL: Let’s talk about the vibe that was in that room from one to five every Thursday. Those listeners felt like, ‘They’re having fun so I’m having fun listening to them.’
Stretch: We were never anointed by anybody. We weren’t interns. We weren’t understudies to anyone. I got the show at Columbia because I was a student and there we were in the middle of New York City. 1990. Doing a hip-hop show. We were two fans that were sort of thrust into the middle of this. And it was just a weekly thrill.
Bobbito: It was just the energy of what was going on. It invigorated you every single week, as long as there was great music. Shout out to the listeners. It was ridiculous. People were calling up all through the night, like “What record is that!?” or “Yo I just shot somebody!”

‘LL: Sometimes in history Latinos are not credited as being part of the hip-hop movement. Do you think this movie changes that perception?
Stretch: People who really know about hip-hop know that it’s a very multi-dimensional sphere, with people from all colors, races, backgrounds. Latinos have played a role since the very beginning in the late 60’s and 70’s, and the film shows that.

Nas talking with Bobbito and Stretch. Photo by Geo Reda

Nas talking with Bobbito and Stretch. Photo by Geo Reda

‘LL: It’s amazing to hear MCs say that they were scared to come to the show. But they were recognizing that this was a moment of being official. How you think this show shaped some of hip hop?
Stretch: We had a very passionate, dedicated listenership. That’s what it was about. Ears and eyes were on you if you were up there. If you were gonna mess up or not come correct, that would not be a good look.

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